Appeasement gets you dead

This is a serious note to Irish people.

I was looking at my Twitter feed this morning and many Irish government agencies were flying the rainbow flag. That flag doesn’t mean what you think it means, it’s a “false flag”in the most literal sense. Study it. How many stripes does it have? Now, how many stripes does a rainbow have? How many stripes did the original Harvey milk flag have?

The same day I noted that HRC is in the country, in the Devil’s Glen, no less, a guest of Denis O’Brien. Irish media mogul and long time buddy, why now? Why this particular scumbag, of all possible scumbags?

Varadker is a globalist. You need to understand what that means, quickly. It doesn’t mean “happy=gay” or marginalized, it’s a quite different thing.  Who voted Varadker in? Nobody (as in not the people). This fine chappie is in lock step with the globalist agenda, in fact he’s an “it boy.”

Study this.

I hated the appeasement of the commercial banks, I knew it set up the next tyranny. My view was the Icelandic one, these pups were screwing you twice. first on the main game then on paying them for their “losses.” That ECSC, EEC, EC, EU thing is only going one way, it’s time to get off that train.  The Brits are no fools and have experienced two world wars fighting against the same threat, just because it is wearing a suit and tie shouldn’t fool you.

You’re actually a petri dish for finding out exactly how much shit people will take.  You’ve got strong social ties, a developed community network and strong global presence. Your sense of law, justice and fairness is being used against you. Strangely enough it’s your religion and cohesive society that is the threat for your enemies. It’s not that you are weak, it is that you are stronger than you know.

The next program will be an interesting one. You know that smart city idea where the clever peeps are going to herd you into the urban spaces…who did this happen to before? Take a look at Schindler’s list. It might give you an idea. It sounds far fetched, but in this case it might be better to be safe rather than sorry.

You know one of the games these guys have is the reduction of population, wouldn’t it make sense to reduce the big green gene pool? When every Western army has it’s contingent of green people and when you see their positions in the structure you might see why another group would want to take them out. Join the dots.

Ireland is a republic. It’s ground zero for big thick outside the US. It’s also a place that is as corrupt as any I’ve lived in. We’ve got a name for most of it, “jobs for the boys,”brown paper bags, Dublin 4, etc. When the media didn’t show Cowen selling out the country you knew it was game on. When the finance minister dies from a cancer just after he signs the ticket, you’d ask a question or two, wouldn’t you? The biggest decision in recent history untelevised, one of the prime signatories dead and a veil pulled down over the whole thing. Remember the boy who took the second Maastricht vote, course you do?

Why would you “bail out a commercial institution with taxpayer money? If you gamble their money, they’ll be quick to explain the nature of the game. The water meters thing showed there are people with teeth.  Your politicians are a shower of scum and have been for a while now. The fact that that utter scumbag from across the water chooses to lie low in Ireland should tell you something is rotten in the state of Ireland.

Don’t fight the Brexit, it gains you nothing. You will still be Britain’s best trading partner when it is all done. Some of you were willing to be a fifth column for Hitler, it’s the same game here. Why would you stab the Brits in the back to benefit a globalist banking cartel?   You’re nobody’s bitches.

Take care of each other, pack light, move fast and share ammo.

G’neiri an bothar leat.


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