Adventure Therapy is not just for Teenagers

Adventure Therapy Is Not Just For Teenagers

Don Philpott on February 29, 2016 at 7:00 AM

Adventure Therapy Is Not Just For Teenagers

We often hear a media narrative that adventure therapy is simply a resource to reach out to non verbal teenagers. This is not exclusively the case.

Adventure Therapy offers three key functions: removal from the techno-urban construct, physical exercise and personal challengeThese functions apply to any age group. Duration and type of exposure to the natural environment can be moderated, as can the level of challenge or “play,” meaning that adventure therapy can be adapted to fit the individual rather than the other way around.

We believe that leisure is a key element of human existence. We also think that in the future retaining physical fitness into later life will be a key element of mental health.  A key in learning how to keep vitality into later years. 

Nature does not try to be exclusionary and the process of developing adventure therapy should focus on all age groups and ability levels, as a general principle.  We would argue that time away from the digital world will positively impact the physical, mental and emotional health of all age groups.

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