A Thread by 3Days 3Nights – How to unrig an election

The first thing you need to know was that there was a counter coup planned, or at that point, just a coup. If you know your history this is the perfect scenario for the bankers, elites and mafia. They get to play both sides. Use the media. Prospects bleak …

War is their game.

Money they have – can print unlimited quantities of paper.

Corporations they own, lot’s of suits to do your bidding

Comms – well you’ve got a “smart” phone don’t ya – the spy in your pocket.

Media is their bread and butter -that’s a lock

Secret armies, secret police, launch codes, the courts – all in the control of Roth (Wrath) and the hidden power.

What did Trump have? At that time…a wing and a prayer (which might be the greatest gamble of his life, deserving the highest reward of mortal man)

In the past three years there have been numerous assination attempts. A secret service man was killed, numerous false flags, Melania was targeted, missile launches, conflict re-starters, economic collapses, turncoates, etc. You might have noted the recent chain of “events” in the middle east each time it looked like peace would break out, usually after a “visit” from one of team viper.

The stable genius has skirted all of it till now…

Below is a thread from 3Days3Nights, a twitter handle with a very good eye: https://twitter.com/3Days3Nights/status/1197795038920613888 (original thread)

For those who don’t know a Twitter thread is a linked sequence of tweets, a vertical slide show.


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