A Little Tool Tip: Sharpening the Pen with Email Signatures

Ever gone to a Chinese restaurant?  

The formula is often similar wherever you go. Counter for sales, no nonsense Asian lady behind it and a menu the size of a Ford parts catalog. You never see the kitchen.

I don’t want to really discuss the kitchen. Not my department.

Lets talk about the menu, that is pure sales. The one below is quite dull, “a tabula rasa.” I need to know my order in advance.

How about this one, the four course special.

Now don’t get all prissy and hypocritical. I’m selling a product. The value is the amount of information available encoded in the “menu.”  A potential customer for this information might have a quick browse, or not.

More than a business card, all the links are clickable.

Note: You can have clean and lean or all the trimmings by clicking that little blue icon on the far right (by the delete/bin).

How much does this little gizmo cost? A Free chrome browser extension from WiseStamp.

Quite tasty. More than satisfies me.

I advance the utility of this little device on a number of grounds. Particularly for sales, the window of opportunity is only very slightly ajar.

This little tool widens the potential that a prospective partner will understand the proposition and make an educated choice. It also keeps abreast of the very latest company information without any manual effort on my part. It offers a reader next steps at the right point, at the end of the page, which fits nicely into the context.

That’s it. Deliciously complex yet surprisingly simple – like any good takeaway.

Oh, wait – as it is a takeaway…here is the Christmas Menu.


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