The Dallas Cowboys …game time

Tonight is going to be a huge night in the history of America.

First the context, we know JFK was shot in Dallas.  It is the centre of power of the Bush crime syndicate. It is their citadel…

This time round it is not the stand up and get shot Washington monument moment. This time he is mobile. The marines are out.

We, the people, will tear these bottom feeding snakes to shreds (literally) if he is harmed. It will usher in civil war and this war will lead to the type of swift annihilation that they have been seeking, let’s give it to them of they want it. The military is ready, the american people is ready and the world is awakening. After all, …what is He going to say that will upset these “nice” “decent” “kind” “people”?

Take a quick look at yesterday’s tweets: CNN completely exposed, Nancy Pelosi has a meltdown in the White house and Biden let slip that the 17th is important on national TV.

Biden, already been exposed and presidential bid sunk got a bit lippy during the debates and dropped a newsbomb…

So what will happen in Dallas, you’ll see.  What do they want to happen in Dallas, well the same as the first go round, a dead president.

This time though it’s not one man, it’s an awakened people. The same forces are still in play but this time, the Lion is fully grown …



Don’t forget that CNN is also holed below the waterline and sinking fast…

                                                                   Game Time Boys. Give em HELL


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