The Reckoning is here…

Why would 320, 000 people like a post?

Why would so many people share it?

Why is George W Bush in the frame?

Does anyone, anywhere, believe Baby Bush was the “mastermind”?

What is this:

Why did Poppy Bush say this?

Why is he called “Poppy?”

Who is the father of Barbara Bush? Why does Google bring up the Aleister Crowley connection?

So many liars telling so many lies.  Yet the facts are out there. You know who the players are.  We know there are renewed calls for a 911 investigation by firefighters in New York. We know know the body-count worldwide. We know who benefited. We know, they know we know, and they are doing all they can to stop this man… why would mega corporations, lifer politicians, the FBI and the C_A be doing everything in their power to stop this man? Because he knows and the reckoning is here.

The facts always matter, much more so today. You news media is corrupt. It is owned, bought and paid for by five corporations. Those corporations have spent three years trying to destroy the reputation of one man, why? Because he is freeing your mind to think for yourself.

The plain fact of the matter is that all right thinking people should open their eyes and unblock their ears. The reason for these wars, the deaths of millions, the destruction of countries was about a pre-planned endless war for profit, using the military might of the USA in the service of a cabal. This cabal is not “human” in many sense of the word.

What you are seeing is the real power of social media. You’re seeing real time responses. You’re seeing real people engaging with others, sharing, talking back, defending their views and you’re getting something approaching “an awakening.”

The low life bullshitter artists will appear below this line. Discard their self serving rants, focus on the facts as they stand. It is the same on YouTube and Twitter.  They have nothing constructive to add, nor do they advance the conversation or add counter arguments, they simply malign and misrepresent the truth.


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