5th and down – mark of the beast


Here is the punchline: They’re ALL fakes.

You’ve all heard how they are going to microchip every human sheep, force you into digital currencies, run all services from your “cell” phone and “cull the herd by 80% worldwide.”  It appears they’re speeding up the process, a lot, using every available tool (I have to include @dim and the sycophants, in recogniton of their stellar propoganda efforts).

So close, so very close. New World Order was ordered, packaged, delivered (probably via Amazon), …didn’t fit, sent back. 5th and down (you’ll get that joke later). It’s the “Alice in Wonderland” play.

Now it’s collapsing into dust right before their eyes. There is something apporiate in that, the grand design of the major faker is a complete fake.

The keystone would have been hillary, kill em all cinton.  By the grace of GOD that demon lost. These reptiles will have to wait a 1000 years more. There is already wailing and gnashing of teeth, and it’s only just started.


The fake “genius” Gates (to be known in the following post as hellBillie), his globalist buddies and their crew of happy slappers are being outed in real time.  Behind the scenes this guy was being pushed up the pipe, like Marky Mark and the rest.

They are on the clock. They know. We know. They’re out of #TIME. Their tickets will be punched. That’s why it’s all so scrambled, garbled and rushed. They have to FAKE IT ALL before the reckoning.

They’ve had to hurry “their plan.” Now it’s shattering into shards in their hall of mirrors, billowing down like sand in the hourglass of time.



hell Billie Gates is on the flight logs to Epstein island. We know his sick ass foundation is using vaccines to lower population in Africa.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MMifQvuN08   People already know about vaccines.  Look at the comments section on that video…

Like they know about the Clintons in Haiti and the Banks and Soros and the Media…

The propaganda?

People fucking hate big pharma.  Now they’re telling YOU that “tech and pharma is the ((( final solution )))? A hard sell. They think you’re stupid (and you’ve proved them right so far).

Here is a recent puff piece:  https://www.technologyreview.com/s/611884/this-company-embeds-microchips-in-its-employees-and-they-love-it/ ..note the (giveaway) upsell “…and they love it” You can hear them squealing with laughter.

                                     …  written by this ghoul, who works for the treacheous C_A corrupt news network.


Linking to this Murdoch piece … https://nypost.com/2019/07/14/swedish-people-are-getting-chip-implants-to-replace-cash-credit-cards As some of you might have noticed Sweden has been having some issues with multiculturalism recently  https://www.thelocal.se/20190616/number-of-bomb-attacks-in-sweden-up-sharply-this-year

Linking also to this elitist asshat  –

and that asshat –

and these asshats (who I wrote about here) –

They’ve been floating the nonsense “block – chain” (look at that word) digital currencies crap for the last three or four years.  Central Banks are now sounding the coming collapse, etc., to get you to do what? C’mon, you got it. Good.   http://www.cadtm.org/The-Economic-Crisis-and-the-Central-Banks

Why so fast?

 Why now?

They know the game is up so why not just go all out on the BIG HOAX. Remember their game:  problem (create one) reaction (have a plan in place), solution (get your goons to push it). You’re seeing it from the media. They can’t move fast enough (told ya), they’ve got to run their routines, it’s their last chance.
The democrats, the scum on all side, they’re “pan”icking, the sick fks.
They’re being forced to mobilize it all in one go. We’re READY.

What connection could there be between Epstein and Gates. Well you might need some kids to test your people killing vaccines on, mightn’t you? You might need some disposable test subjects. Now, who might have them?

Our pal Jeffrey, of course. L’il Billie wasn’t in it for the underage sex. He doesn’t want to fuck black people, he wants to kill them.  You don’t need to take a plane journey for that, what he needs are live bodies preferably disposable ones. He doesn’t even need to be involved in the testing, minions will do that.

If you follow the vaccines horsecrap, you’ll see who is involved. You’ll see where the money is, there is lots of it. Who is tiliting the search results. Who is doing their utmost to keep hell Billie propped up, for just a little bit longer, to impelement this piece of their”plan.”

The fakes are being found out. People are waking up too quickly. They’re getting sloppy.




They NEED their e-pocaplyse now…

Remember the myths they sell you… all the tech geniuses lived in the same area of one town, Palo Alto. Bill Gates didn’t invent DOS, he bought it (even in the official narrative).

There was an ongoing”rivalry”until only two remain.  Sound familiar, it should, it’s the same one they use for nearly everything, the “pyre-amid.”  https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1185964189157773313

hell Billie has had to make strenuous efforts to keep out of the news…

If you’ve been following any of my posts from Amazing Polly, this is the meat (not the sex, that is basic blackmail). They were running those nazi experiments on their little hideaway.

Amazing Polly does an indepth rundown of the “other side of the Epstein story. The one that is (tellingly) airbrushed out of history. This guy was not “just” a sicko, he was working to a plan and that plan included lots of moving parts. They didn’t send in a hit squad to take out a perv, it’s a far bigger mosa(ad)ic… His handler Ghislaine, robert Maxwell’s daughter, has disappeared completely? I digress…what does this have to do with hell Billie?

Bill is santas little helper on the population reduction angle. He has a specific function (read mission) for his fascist globalist buddies.

Vaccines are his tools…(read weapons).

Note Chuckie on a recent report that baby food contained lots of bad stuff…

The whole game is very simple, pretend to be helping, while you actually doing the exact opposite (deception).  They use the cover of foundations, charities and “philantrophy”to run the overall agenda. In Chuckie’s case, he is “examining the report” …always a delay/obfustication handy tactic.  https://twitter.com/SenSchumer/status/1186076688477765642

Did you know Schumer is pro abortion in the US and anti-abortion in Israel? Politics, bloody politics, eh.

From his (masters) political viewpoint it is a clear distinction. Birth rates in Israel have to remain high to keep palestinians and arabs from power.  In America the opposite approach removes the current incumbents from power, via mass immigration, social unrest, breeding them out, preaching transgendism, pronounism, deviancy, working three jobs to pay off debts from materialist incultration, GMOs, hard drugs and a few other little tricks along the way.


hellBillie is using the equal, but opposite tactic of not reading the massive tranche of sceintific test literature (because he is short on time), so he is full ahead, all engines. Same boat, oppostive tactics.  Seems to be a virus that’s catching?


Main image courtesy of  https://twitter.com/3Days3Nights/status/1188692264588988416

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